Some useful tools :)

Google HangoutsTo be honest, I have never heard this before. After reading your introduction, I understand.  But I think this app is inconvenient, especially I am a layman! Moreover, this app is not particularly popular. Anyway, I think it more or less helpful.

 Learn About GOOGLE DRIVE AND GOOGLE DOCS!!. Actually, I think Google Drive is an expanded version of Google docs.  I use it a lot and I think it is a very useful tool. Google Drive for users upload file format and is not strictly limited, such as support  mov files, Office documents and even APK format. Such files upload to Google Drive server, downloaded to the local device is also very convenient, and can be  easily shared with friends.

What Is Diggo and How to Use It. In fact, I think this tool is alike Scoop. it. Both of them are provide users a bookmarks feature in order help us find what we need easily.  But in Diggo, you can create a group and invite your friend to share ideas!

What Is and How Can We Use TwitterWhat and How We Can Use Twitter 2ed. Personally, I think you can consider Twitter as the mini-blog. If the blog is to record your feelings, then Twitter gives you a simpler and more efficient platform for recording and sharing with friends. Also, Twitter is a good business platform, due to its simple and quick so that make information is timely. In network marketing, Twitter can be used as an information channel of communication. Not only can it exchange information, but also save what you have talked about.

Advertisements in education!

Now, let’s talk about in education which I have mentioned before. As one of users, I think it is a very useful tool for education.

First of all, has the function that you can type the key words and many relational articles will appear. I can say it is practical affirmatively. My major is psychology, here is a way that called memory association method. That is to say, when you see a key word, you can think about other relational things. I think it is very helpful for memory! We no longer have to remember lengthy sentences!

Secondly, it is its bookmaklet. I have showed you guys how to use it in my last blog. It is very convenient for us finding what is the most important in many materials. Everything you need is that just click it lightly!

Thirdly, it is also very flexible! The mobile app is quite functional for both iPhone and Android, and a toolbar plugin can be installed on browser windows. Don’t you think it is marvelous to take your data everywhere? It is mobile learning potential.

Fourth, when you share your article with others, you can add your thoughts and opinions. In addition, your readers can edit your article and make comments under the liny sentences. I think it is much easier to see theirs’ opinions in this way.

Fifth, that is has its own education function! It says that you can publish great online resources on 20 various topics and work as a team of up to 30 co-curators per topic. Sounds like exciting!

Finally, I am going to link some materials that you can read more about in education. More surprises are waiting for us!

Scoop it- be your own master!

When people felt boredom in the sea of information, they turn to use other services which can help them find interesting information gradually. Scoop it is a very useful website. It creates a new way for people which they need not spend too much time and establish their own unique style!

The first major function is bookmarklet. You can install it in the browser toolbar. Whenever you see interesting articles through the internet, click on this button and then the right side of the control panel you want to import appear. You can customize the title and add photos that can be uploaded from your computer or use the original page images. As for the size of the text and other tools only paying subscribers can use.

The second major function is Scoop it provides content authoring capabilities. It uses online media such as Youtube, Twitter, to decorate your articles.

The third advantage is that Scoop it is expert in collecting resources. You can set whatever you want in suggested sources. As long as renew the latest data, it will be included in proposals for you to join at any time, more that an intelligence network.

In fact, Scoop it is also a content editing tool, founded by Guillame Decugis. It is defined as providing the free publishing platform for everybody.

When I registered an account, I have to admire each participant who is willing to bet the time and effort on the areas of interest. It is very exciting that in Scoop it, you can be your own master, such as writer, editor etc. Also, it is very easy to apply an account in Scoop it. First, click the “join free” green button which is in right corner, then a new page appeared. Next, you can create an account. You must fill in your information, after finished, click the “sign up” green button which is in bottom right. Then, you will receive an e-mail from Scoop it in your mailbox that you filled in just now. Open it and accept clause. Finally, you can swim in Scoop it!

If you don’t understand, here is a video tutorial.

5833045599_74830cbe88_o by AJ Cann CC BY-SA 2.0

8233351370_dbafa02051_b Content Curation Aggegator by JNFerree CC BY 2.0


Sloth-the cutest animal in the world!

I love sloth because its honest face makes me laugh. He always crawl slowly. Here are some pictures.



126806569 baby sloth is sleeping

Sloth byJean-Marc Astesana CC BY-SA 2.0

d63c7e41ab5f9d05c59bc74bb65d0438 sloth is in the tree!

Up-Close SlothbyMarissa Strniste CC BY 2.0

QQ图片20130723040020 ” I am willing to……”

Selfportrait as a Young Slothbyanoldent CC BY-SA 2.0

My cutest two ferrets!!

My cutest two ferrets!!

The lift is the bigger one. He’s so lazy and likes sleeping, Another is very very small. But she is so playful. Sometimes they like sleeping with me in bed. They are really really funny!!

Analyze China-response to Hofstede dimensions

After seeing the Hofstede dimensions of national culture, I think it made me understand my country deeply.

From the chart, I comprehend that there have some power gaps in our China. I agree extremely! From a historical view, emperors represented all right in our ancient China. It was our goal to obey emperors without preconditions. It was our aim to establish a strong government. Now, in our wide streets, there are many running cars, but others are living in the shabby house, what a confused era! I don’t want to talk too esoteric examples, let’s talk about Bill Gates. Besides his talent, patent, limited liability and property ownership in the United States are the factors why he succeeded. From this you can see that power is the protagonist! That is to say, if one day our Chinese lived a country which has free market system, we would create more wealth.

We got a low score in individualism. To be honest, I am a little bit upset. However, I have to approve it. I have change the country push button to the United States and then I noticed that it got high score in individualism. I think it is linked with national system. The Declaration of independence pointed that citizens have the right to overthrow the government. On the contrast, based on the special economic system in Chinese feudal society, there must be a unified, centralized to maintain national unity and stability. In order to achieve national stability and social harmony, we need to sacrifice personal, collective maintenance. On the other hand, our China uses the People’s Congress system. That is to say, our prime minister was selected by Party Congress. Our citizens don’t have rights to make our decision.

As for MAS (masculinity), China got a moderate score. The Hofstede showed that China is a masculine society. I agree. Back to the ancient China, we can find that every emperor is a man, expect Wu Zetian. Also, when we get married, the children must with father’s surname. Masculinity stands for power, so man are easier than women to get a job in China. And if you want to promotion or more paying, you have to overtime. Likewise, exam scores are the measure of whether a student good or bad. It is reminds of two students got low scores and couldn’t go to university so that they chose suicide in my high school. It is heartbreaking. I think maybe our country can change a little bit to femininity society. This way, more voice of harmony will emerge.

Finally, the Hofstede talked about China is a highly long term oriented society. There are many reasons. First, our China is the hometown of Confucius. You can imagine how profoundly affect us. Especially his thoughts which pointed that each family member has their own position, everyone should be cautious and humility so that can maintain the harmony of collective. Second, in recent years, Chinese enterprises have developed rapidly. Managers focus on the future and bring up relationships. Also, they are willing to make long-term investments. Third, in the political and religious aspects, China has not produced a Western-style religion. Because China in the absence of civil society, governments tend to monopolize all public affairs.

In summary, I think our China is high power! First of all, China’s territorial area ranked fourth in the world, it means that a country with a vast territory of enormous strategic space. Secondly, China is the most populous country. There is a saying say, strength in numbers. Population is the tool to create state power. Thirdly, during 2005 to 2013, GDP continues to rise. On the one hand, our SMEs are developed highly. China’s products throughout the world! On the other hand, our traditional culture has a deep impact on the world, especially Japan. And then, China has continuously participated in more international gatherings. Next, China is a long term society! Our potential is enormous. Finally, more and more multinational companies appeared. They must bring us more business opportunities!

8233351370_dbafa02051_b Great Hall of the People,Beijing by thewamphyri CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

8233351370_dbafa02051_b Confucius by Gimli62 CC BY-NC 2.0

8233351370_dbafa02051_bChina Expo firework pictures by Epic Fireworks CC BY 2.0