Scoop it- be your own master!

When people felt boredom in the sea of information, they turn to use other services which can help them find interesting information gradually. Scoop it is a very useful website. It creates a new way for people which they need not spend too much time and establish their own unique style!

The first major function is bookmarklet. You can install it in the browser toolbar. Whenever you see interesting articles through the internet, click on this button and then the right side of the control panel you want to import appear. You can customize the title and add photos that can be uploaded from your computer or use the original page images. As for the size of the text and other tools only paying subscribers can use.

The second major function is Scoop it provides content authoring capabilities. It uses online media such as Youtube, Twitter, to decorate your articles.

The third advantage is that Scoop it is expert in collecting resources. You can set whatever you want in suggested sources. As long as renew the latest data, it will be included in proposals for you to join at any time, more that an intelligence network.

In fact, Scoop it is also a content editing tool, founded by Guillame Decugis. It is defined as providing the free publishing platform for everybody.

When I registered an account, I have to admire each participant who is willing to bet the time and effort on the areas of interest. It is very exciting that in Scoop it, you can be your own master, such as writer, editor etc. Also, it is very easy to apply an account in Scoop it. First, click the “join free” green button which is in right corner, then a new page appeared. Next, you can create an account. You must fill in your information, after finished, click the “sign up” green button which is in bottom right. Then, you will receive an e-mail from Scoop it in your mailbox that you filled in just now. Open it and accept clause. Finally, you can swim in Scoop it!

If you don’t understand, here is a video tutorial.

5833045599_74830cbe88_o by AJ Cann CC BY-SA 2.0

8233351370_dbafa02051_b Content Curation Aggegator by JNFerree CC BY 2.0



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